Platform Features

Form Organizer

  • Organize form controls for better user experience for your users
  • Conveniently drag and drop controls across form
  • Merge rows and columns to place controls with large data
  • Preview forms to see how new changes are presented to users

Visual Data Modeller

  • The logical inter-relationships and data flow between different data entities is visualized in a graphic Interface
  • Define Relationship across entities
  • Site administrator can configure various details at entity and control level
  • Bottom-up and Top-down configuration for better visualization

Functional Templates

  • Simulation of generalized human behaviors in the form of reusable functional scenarios
  • Template configuration

Web connectors

  • Access to APPEX online API
  • Easily integrate APPEX with other applications

Logic Builder

  • APPEX allows any type of workflow to be configured in line with your business requirements
  • Every event can trigger suitable synchronous or asynchronous notifications and escalations as per business rules ensuring automation of entire process
  • This allows enterprise to scale-up productivity of its staff, efficiently manage the process and improve output

Report Builder

  • Report and Chart authoring tool for business users
  • Site Administrator can create custom reports and charts for various business scenarios. Thia helps in analysing data for making business decisions