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Custom Solution
See what makes APPEX Online provide a better solution for your business


Today is the era of cloud and cloud based software solutions that operate on typical SaaS model or any of its several variants that exist in the market. Customers having subscribed to such solutions have to often compromise on their functionality/business process because a generic solution can not address requirements of all customers.

However through APPEX Online, we are able to provide a custom solution tailor made for you, that too at the low price of an equivalent SaaS based generic solution. If you happen to like any of our Ready Solutions , but need some tweaking to match your requirements, we will be happy to do the same at nominal cost.


The solution building process as supported by APPEX framework is Agile Methodology, which is illustrated below. In a nutshell, it is more of collaboration based iterative approach with minimal documentation. Requirement can evolve over time unlike standard waterfall software development life cycle.

Business Benefits
  • When it comes to implementation of requirements, it is done by us through configuration of the framework, eliminating the need for standard software testing (only functional testing is require), thereby reducing testing time significantly.
  • Ability to reuse native components seamlessly with the free layer results into substantial reduction in time to market and hence the overall cost of ownership.
  • Any application built on APPEX Online platform inherits all the features of the framework making it a best of the breed application.