Our smart answer to your crew manning operations

SmartCrew solution shall harness the speed and reliability of the web to provide a comprehensive solution to the common problems of Crew management for ship operators who do their own crewing as well as for RPSL agents. This application can be accessible by client/hospital for updating details.

Manage Profile

  • Create & manage seafarer profile
  • Upload service contract copies
  • Maintain portage bill data of all seafarers
  • Manage seafarer medical history
  • Importing your existing ‘seafarer data in excel’ to the application
  • Allow candidate to manage their profile online directly
  • Quick profile search based on rank, availability, experience, etc.
  • Export profile data in shipping companies format
  • Manage sea services records exactly as per CDC endorsements
  • Manage crew contact, NOK, medical history, sea services, certificate info-COC/GOC/STCW & other certificates


  • Create requisition for multiple ranks
  • Associate candidates
  • Auto filtering of profiles based on requisition
  • Manage wages with OT and all allowances
  • Create Immigration copy
  • Sign-on and sign-off
  • Propose candidates to principal with required documents in their format (3rd party manning)
  • Generate all joining papers in the format of shipping company directly

Shipping Company

  • Manage shipping company details
  • Contact person details
  • Track requirements from Principals (3rd party manning)
  • Automatically fill-up company's application form


  • Notification for reliever
  • Notification for profile creation
  • Document / Certificate expiration
  • Birthday notification


  • Requisition details
  • Print Agreement/Contract copy
  • Print Immigration Copy
  • Requisition Candidate Details
  • Document Collection
  • Document / Certificate expiry list
  • Other reports


  • Get all DG required data for upload in a single screen making it user friendly for E-Migrate system

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